Returning Harry?

Skimming through my newsreader I’ve been coming across numerous reports of people mistakenly being sold copies of the latest Harry Potter book. In this story refers to one child returning the copy he was accidentally sold on Monday. Should we feel bad that amazon delivered ours earlier today and that we’ve already been indulging?

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  1. Yes, but only because I with I were you.

  2. I’ve heard there were kids who got thier books early accidentally, and a coart order was taken out to stop them reading it early. This might just be a scare story – but still, there’s so much HYPE around!

  3. Don’t feel bad, James. Enjoy! We just got our copy from amazon today. Can’t wait to dig in–after I finish Gilead.

    Laurence, looks like the story you heard is true. According to, “Over the weekend, a B.C. Supreme Court judge granted [Canadian-edition publisher] Raincoast a temporary injunction to prevent ‘anyone who has directly or indirectly received a copy’ of the book from “copying or disclosing,” selling or ‘exhibiting in public’ the contents of the novel.”

  4. I heard that the early release thing is partly marketing!?

    There was one commentator that predicted accidental early releases for publicity.

  5. I’ve been wondering if that might be the case (marketing). It certainly kicked up a fair bit of publicity.

    We’re enjoying it so far 🙂