It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, and I’m unlikely to return to regular posting for a while, but there are a few things that deserve some attention.

Unfortunately my work schedule and a few more urgent voluntary projects have pulled me away from working on the Atom/RSS parser I wrote about recently, but I have done a little tinkering and hope to return to it before long. The next big change will be pulling each feed type out into its own class to make the package more easily extensible, and at that point I hope to propose it for inclusion in PEAR.

Also, Sam Ruby (IIRC) has begun preparing some Atom 1.0 test cases and I hope to be able to start working on those before long. Since so much software currently supports Atom 0.3 I may add in backwards compatibility at some stage, but the key focus will be on Atom 1.0 since that is to be the definitive standard.

More soon…

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