Blog Changes

As this blog approaches its third birthday, I’ve decided its time to change things around again. I’m working on a new design which should be a bit cleaner and easier to work with, and I’m going to be emphasising categories more strongly.

I’ve also long wanted to use this blog as a place to gather bits and pieces I’ve contributed to other sites — such as reviews of books on amazon and the like — but not wanted to make them front page entries. Today I began doing that.

As part of that change I’ve moved the news feeds around a bit too. Gone entirely are the RSS2 feeds as I’m not a big fan of the format, and Atom and RSS1 should cover most bases. I’ve put in place redirects from the RSS2 feeds to the new locations, so any well-behaved newsreader should update automatically. All feeds are now full-content and for each format there are two options: you can get a feed which only lists the content I’ve chosen to appear on the front page of the site, or you can get a rather more narcissistic feed that draws in everything posted here, wherever it appears. The options are in the right-hand menu bar.

Look out for more changes before long…

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