New Technorati Site Beta

I’ve been playing with the new Technorati design on and off since we got back from the UK last week. The new design is a huge improvement, making it much easier to get to information and seeming to me to make the site much more approachable for a newcomer. It’ll be interesting to see what feedback they get on that count now the beta’s gone public.

Dave Sifry and Niall Kennedy have the lowdown.

There are still a few inconsistencies which can be difficult to duplicate for bug reports. Yesterday one of my watchlists flagged a new link to this blog, but checking the cosmos for the blog didn’t display it. For many emerging web organizations keeping capacity in step with demand can be tricky (cf. audioscrobbler) but for me keeping the different lists in sync would seem a big step towards improving usability.

Regardless of that, the new site is a big step forwards and well worth a look.


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