Downloadable Darks (and a little Stockman)

One of the many things keeping me busy of late has been the process of transferring the many tapes (!) of the various talks at this year’s Festival of Faith and Music into a digital form. We’re going to be making them available for download over the next few weeks.

You can find the first three installments — David Dark‘s first keynote, David and Sarah‘s joint workshop, and Steve Stockman’s contribution on “U2 and Justice” — at the Calvin Student Activities Blog.

You can call it podcasting if you excuse the fact that we’re not using RSS enclosures to facilitate downloading…

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  1. thanks for the link James – I love hearing Stockman and his high pitched voice again.

  2. Thanks so much for these links. We traveled from Texas to attend the festival, and I’m anxious to relive my favourite sessions (Michael Kauffman!, John Ringhofer and Daniel Smith!) and hear ones that I wish I hadn’t missed (Sufjan!). I appreciate your time and efforts.