Log problems at textdrive

Since moving Grand Rapids WiFi to Textdrive I’ve been experiencing some peculiar problems with my access logs. Despite apache directives saying to log the remote host IP, the server had been logging its own IP address and I couldn’t for the life of me work out why. I tried various alternative log formats, but with no change.

Last night I began wondering if it was because the domain name was an alias for the default account I got when I signed up. I’d used the default account to test the site before I moved the domain name and it seemed easier to simply alias the domain name than make any deeper changes.

I’ve now switched to a fully hosted domain, and the logging seems to be working as it should. Nice that the solution should be so simple! This issue aside, I’ve so far been delighted with textdrive. For the services they offer, they’re probably the best hosting company I’ve yet tried (and I’ve been through quite a few) with a great range of well supported tools.

UPDATE: One of the support staff at Textdrive responded to let me know that aliases are meant to be set up using ‘ServerAlias’ directive but that it’s possible that ‘ProxyPasses’ has been used. This level of openness and respecting that your users may understand server configuration is one of the many reasons I’m enjoying hosting with this company.

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