Upgrades Galore

Among many reasons for my slackened writing pace of late has been an influx of new toys. In particular, just over a week ago I took delivery of a mac mini and OS X Tiger. The mini is going to function as a combination of home entertainment centre and subversion/trac server. In the latter role, it’s working very well, while the former will have to wait until I take delivery of a memory upgrade and the Apple DVI->S-Video adapter.

I also took the opportunity to upgrade my powerbook to Tiger. The powerbook is my main development environment and I don’t really have time to set everything up from scratch, so I opted for an upgrade rather than a clean install. So far it’s running nicely, and while nothing in Tiger is yet revolutionizing the way I work, it’s nice to finally have options like Smart Folders in Mail. It’ll be interesting to see where Apple take us now that Tiger is out the door; there’s a lot of potential here, but as yet it’s not really fulfilled.

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