Services_Technorati 0.6.2alpha

Services_Technorati 0.6.2alpha is now available through PEAR. Despite the minor version number increment, this version contains quite a few changes. The class no longer instantiates its own cache object, and instead the factory (which should be the default interface to instantiate an object) will accept a pre-existing cache object. For the purposes of forward compatibility, the factory also now takes an argument to specify which API version should be used.

I’ve also begun the process of adding unit tests to the distribution. That’s likely where most development energy will be going for the next while as there are still several methods that need tests. I’m still working out how best to test web services where the return values are dependent on the availability of the service, but the tests have already proven useful for identifying one minor error.

UPDATE: some debug code was left in 0.6.1alpha which is not in this version, hence the quick followup release

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