Initial thoughts on hReview

A few days, Tantek posted about the latest microformat specification hReview, a set of attributes that can be applied to an html document to indicate it as a review and describe its content appropriately.

I responded and skimmed the spec, intending to offer some comments before it went public. In the end, work intervened, and the spec is now publicly available on the technorati wiki. Tantek and Niall have the announcement.

My main cause for interest is Grand Rapids WiFi, where reviews are currently available in RDF and HTML formats. In contrast to the RDF representation, the HTML is considerably lacking in the semantics department. In general, hReview looks like it will be an excellent way to add semantic data to that markup and I’ll probably make those changes over the weekend.

Right now I’m trying to work out how best to markup trackbacked reviews. The WiFi site contains extracts from quite a number of reviews which are actually hosted on another site. Those extracts aren’t adequately described with a tag of ‘summary’ and the links to them don’t neatly fit the ‘permalink’ spec (that’s a matter of interpretation, but I’d like to see some new attributes or a change of wording to make that clearer). Perhaps something along the lines of:

<div class="hreview">
<div class="extract">CONTENT</div>
<p><a rel="permalink fulltext" href="">full review...</a></p>

Nevertheless, despite my reservations about putting too much faith in microformats, hreview promises to be a useful spec for those of us who like to make our pages as semantically rich as possible.


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