The first public fruit of my collaboration with The Image Shoppe has just launched in the form of a new site for Bazzani Associates. Anyone living close to downtown Grand Rapids will recognise the name Bazzani as they have been behind numerous high-profile building and renovation projects lately. I was particularly glad to be able to work with them because of their emphasis on sustainable building practices that go beyond ‘green building’ to look at the long term viability of the communities within which they are building.

This is a first-phase rollout of the site and we have plenty more yet to come, particularly in the form of portfolio details, case studies and the like. For now, it’s all built in (valid) XHTML/CSS/JavaScript but the next phase will include a more sophisticated backend. The key challenge, beyond working around the layout vagaries of IE/Win was getting the mouseover behaviours on the alpha-transparent PNGs to work effectively without hardcoding any image locations.

I made use of Drew’s extension of youngpup’s Sleight code to get the transparency working properly (setting links to relative positioning to ensure they worked) and altered it slightly so that the original URL of the PNG is stored in an attribute of the image, meaning I can access it using the DOM later on. Interested parties can view the source here.

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