Moving hosts

This evening I tried to SSH into only to discover that my SSH access had been disabled. Contacting my host,, I was informed that they had changed their policy on shell access and hadn’t informed me before making the change because they’d been busy fixing another server.

That is not the level of service I expect from a hosting company, most of whom would give some notice _before_ making the change. They are not willing to change their policy and are unapologetic for the lack of notice, so I fear the time has come to move again.

Right now bytemark and textdrive are looking promising. If anyone else can recommend anyone with a reasonable price on hosting around 15 sites, I’d love some recommendations.

Update: I’ve set up an account with each of the above and will see how it goes. It seemed a good idea to spread my sites around a bit, reducing the chance of losing email entirely in case of an outage, and I’ll probably use bytemark for more bleeding-edge work.

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