Wolfowitz Crowned

The increasing reports of horse-trading between the EU and the US in recent days have made it look increasingly inevitable that Paul Wolfowitz would be approved as President of the World Bank. And so it has come to pass.

The suggestions are that the EU has been guaranteed a high-level representative within the World Bank and/or Paschal Lamy (current EU Trade Commissioner) as the next Director-General of the WTO. What doesn’t seem to have been discussed at any point in the proceedings is whether a man with such tragic, high-profile blunders in his recent past is right for the job.

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  1. Rumour here has it that Wolfowitz is the Bush way of saying he doesn’t care what everybody else thinks because he has a bigger gun. There does seem to be an increasing attitude of “we don’t care what you think, we are telling you how it will be” in negotiations these days. One wonders who the administration has decided should be appointed in the Vatican….

  2. I suspect the Vatican is regarded with suspician. Not just because it’s all catholic (funnily enough), but most of all because it was a worthy opponent of the war in Iraq.

  3. Just this past week on Monday I actually heard Wolfowitz referred to as the child of Satan by a musician. Can’t remember the guy’s name right now, but I found that very interesting b/c it was in reference to Wolfowitz being named World Bank Pres and said in the context of being concerned with social justice.