In between frantic work periods (there’s a chance I’ll launch/complete five sites this week…) I’ve been exploring the new features at upcoming.org. The site’s potential has certainly taken a leap forward with the addition of REST-based webservices, tags, SMS alerts, and private events.

It’d be great if as a next step we could see some geolocation data added for the venues listed, making it even easier to integrate with other tools/sites like the ones I was describing previously. In an ideal world, we might even see the site picking up its content from feeds scattered around venue, fan, and other sites, but for now we’re still lacking the standardized vocabularies to smooth that process. In the meantime, it shouldn’t be too hard to write a script that parses local feeds and uses the event.add call to ensure they’re on upcoming…

Of course before that, it’d be good to see more active use of the Grand Rapids metro.

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