Remodeling should now be complete and a slightly cleaned up version of now live. Quite a few URLs have changed, but so long as apache does its job, that shouldn’t matter too much.

In redesigning the site I’ve tried to make my web development work and availability more explicit. For now, the writing section is hidden away, to be resurrected if time allows me to start doing that more seriously. Instead, the code section has been pulled forward. That latter section is actually still a bit of a mess, so I hope to clean up the layout before too much longer.

I’ve also moved to using wordpress for managing what was previously the ‘updates’ section. I realised in the process that there is more work to be done under the hood on wordpress, as I had to edit a function or two to remove some hardcoded h2 tags. That wasn’t pretty when I’m using h2 for a very particular purpose and so have it absolutely positioned…

Naturally, all the pages are XHTML compliant and should be broadly accessible. In time, I hope to do a little more restructuring of the XHTML to increase the accessibility.


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