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Alex and David at World Bank President are doing a sterling job of following the various statements being made in the wake of the nomination of Wolfowitz. The level of dismay being expressed is quite unprecedented, and I suspect Bush would at least have expected a warmer reception from the UK government.

Theories float around as to why Wolfowitz was nominated. Some speculation is that it is a ploy by Bush to remove one of the DoD’s most divisive figures, and the appointment certainly would be helpful if the administration want to reposition that department. Personally I’m more sympathetic to the view that sees this as a simple progression from the appointment of John Bolton to the UN.

The appointment of two such committed supporters of US unilateralism to these positions is a clear indication that the administration wants to be seen to be sending its best and brightest, but is in actual fact looking to further co-opt global institutions.

That strategy would be a natural extension of the imperialist doctrine expounded by the Project for the New American Century. We’ve seen the US manipulate the UN for the sole purpose of PR in the past, and while this move is likely more involved, it probably doesn’t go much deeper.

Wolfowitz is certain to have a difficult road to appointment, and there is good reason to suspect he will never be approved.

On a personal note, I very much appreciated the services of They Work For You in contacting various British MPs and MEPs, and the speedy responses of Chris Huhne MEP (within an hour!) and Peter Skinner MEP.

NB: eurodad are running a campaign in opposition to the appointment of Wolfowitz.


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  1. It was very unnerving news, if incredibly surreal, to hear of his nomination. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t make it to the post, but they find someone a tad less ideologically polarised!