Viva Imperialism

So it’s true. In a press conference this morning, Bush confirmed that he has nominated the abominable Paul Wolfowitz, US Deputy Secretary of Defense, for World Bank President. One of the chief architects of the neo-conservative imperialist policies is proposed for one of the world’s key financial positions.

The news was broken by Reuters and quickly picked up by The World Bank website currently states:

The Executive Directors of the Board, who are charged under the Bank’s Articles of Agreement with the selection of the Bank’s President, are in the process of consultations with the member countries they represent. An official announcement of the outcome of the deliberations and actions of the Executive Directors will be made as soon as a decision has been reached.

Contact details for the Executive Directors can be found here. I’ve just sent the following email to Tom Scholar, UK representative to the World Bank and IMF:

Dear Mr. Scholar,

As a British citizen who is keenly concerned with issues of international development and global governance I am writing to ask you to vote against the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank.

As US Deputy Secretary of Defense, Dr. Wolfowitz has proven a deeply divisive figure, both within the United States and globally. His doctrine has helped lead the US into a time of unprecedented unpopularity, and his department has been involved in deeply irresponsible fiscal decisions, such as that to grant US companies no-tender contracts for the rebuilding of Iraqi infrastructure.

In a time when the Bank faces a plethora of new challenges and opportunities, it is vital that its leadership comes from a spirit of diplomacy and concern, and that its president is a person who can unite the global community around a concensus for sustainable development. I believe there is plentiful evidence that that person is not Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, and would urge you to vote against his nomination.


James Stewart


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