MTPastEntries 0.3

It can be all too easy to get sucked into a single project and then find most of the day has disappeared. I’ve now packaged up MTPastEntries version 0.3 and put it along with an instruction page here.

The main changes are to the PHP code which I’ve now had time to test. It seems to work pretty nicely for now, though as before I’ve not tested on a large-scale setup. I’ve also tidied up the perl a little bit, and added in two new tags MTPastEntriesIfComment and MTPastEntriesIfTrackback which are taken with only the slightest of modifications from Adam Kalsey/Brad Choate‘s SimpleComments plugin.

I’d like to add a number of features, such as some way of flagging up which previous entry each comment came from, sorting of comments by various parameters, and the aforementioned use of fields other than keywords, but it’s probably time to take a look at some other work for a while.

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