March Releases

March sees the release of (among many others) the new Over The Rhine and Beck albums, and the latest Anne Lamott book, and this past week has seen increasing press coverage for all three:

Today’s New York Times Magazine contains this extensive feature, “Beck at a Certain Age”. Last week, Salon carried an extract from Anne Lamott’s “Plan B”. And the New York Daily News had this on Over The Rhine’s “Drunkard’s Prayer”.

Plenty to read, plenty to buy….


  1. …bugger all money.

    (as in no money, not some kind of strange financial sodomy)

  2. going to see Anne Lamont tonight at a bookstore here in Chicago and got the new book with the ticket. should be interesting, to say the least. it’s a feminist bookstore as well, hope I don’t get dirty looks just for being male ūüėČ

  3. Let us know how it is!

    Don’t suppose you know how I’d find other tour dates?

  4. James

    on another subject I wanted to let you guys know that we got a date for the Green Card interview – 12th May. Thanks for prayers and support. A few calls from us to the congressman seemed to help also.

  5. You can try calling her agent’s office

    Stephen Barclay

    It does look like she is doing other appearances, but I can’t find a list anywhere. I do see references to her signing at other bookstores if I Google it.

  6. i worked at that bookstore in chicago for three years. they love boys too…

    shoot, wonder if lamott is coming to NYC…

  7. #$&#^$(*@$^(*@#^$ i missed over the rhine! i was so busy i took my eye off the listings for a week and a half! noooooooooo…….