UN Charter and PEAR::Services_Trackback

I’ve been meaning to add some sort of comment support on UN Charter.org for a while now and the joint motivations of the site being mentioned in an ETech presentation this month and the emergence of a trackback module in PEAR has encouraged me to give it a try. The integration so far is very simple, but each article should now contain autodiscovery code and trackbacks that have been received will be listed.

Making changes to the uncharter code reminded me of how much more work it needs. Eventually the whole site will be moving to a new platform but in the meantime I’m hoping to clean up the RDF in each page, refactor the codebase and perhaps add in some technorati-related features. More news on that whenever I get to it…

UPDATE: Tobias Schlitt, the man hehind PEAR::Services_Trackback has blogged about the module.

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  1. Hi!

    The inclusion of Services_Trackback seems to be broken…. I’m just receiving some include errors on http://uncharter.org/article/Preamble. I guess your include statement is incorrect, since your include_path seems to have your PEAR directory in it, although the path /home/jystewart/pear/lib seems a bit weird.

    Hope you like the new version of Services_Trackback!


  2. Thanks Toby! Another thing that slipped through the cracks when I was switching hosts. That particular page should be fixed now and I’ll check the site more thoroughly when I get home (am away at the moment). I’ve not yet upgraded to the latest version, but I intend to very soon. The spam filtering is much appreciated.