The Six Apart Professional Network blog makes mention of a Moveable Type-powered project called Musicblog. Using blogging to break down barriers between artists and audience seems a good (if obvious) idea, so I quickly headed over to check it out. On the main site I saw:

“Musicblog is a joint project between EMI Music and Pixelfury. We utilise the best social software applications to provide easy communication between music-lovers and artists.”

But checking out the featured Musicblog, that of The Doves, was a disappointment. So far, it looks rather as if it were written by a publicist and consists largely of the sort of news artists have always carried on their websites. Hopefully it’ll move beyond window dressing, and develop more of an identity (like that of, say, The Decemberists) but I can’t help but feel that once again the music industry just doesn’t get it.


  1. You’re right, that Doves thing (note lack of “The”) is pretty rubbish.

    It’s not a new idea particularly, is it? I seem to remember Ed O’Brien guiding us through the Kid A sessions in painful detail.

  2. Nothing connected with Radiohead can ever be described as painful. Spot the avid fan…

  3. Two words for you, dear.

    Hunting Bears.

  4. It’s probably the moment where they managed to totally sell themseleves over to pretention, but despite that is still actually quite good – in a ‘where’s the actual song?’ kind of way.

  5. No, Laurence. No, no, no, no, no, no. I don’t know why you bother.

    Hello Colin! Was that the sound of furry ears pricking up I heard?

  6. Well, Martin, it seems as if nothing’s ever good enough for you.