The ongoing CCM thing

Those who scan the comments of this blog from time to time may have noticed that an online publication called CCM Buzz picked up on the whole Christian Music Makeover debacle. It’s good to see more attention coming to critiques of that particular initiative, but I’m hoping that it will not focus attention too much on one very particular concern rather than casting a spotlight on broader issues with that industry.

Kate‘s latest column at Catapult “Unsound Rock” is a good read for those wanting to think more about the peculiar cultural phenomenon called CCM. She was also good enough to write some kind words and publish the full text of an email interview with me over at Evangelical Expat.


  1. I’m curious about what intentional falsehoods and inaccuracies Brian accused you of?

  2. From what I could work out, Brian’s key problem seemed to revolve around the fact that I described Christian Music Makeover as ‘controversial’ in some emails I sent out. He said that ‘only one inconsequential blogger’ (or words to that effect) had a problem with it, so it couldn’t be cast as controversial.

    In part I think he was blinded to criticism, in part it’s a semantic issue, and in general I think he was overreacting. One of the biggest differences between CCM and the wider music industry seems to be that its members have thinner skins.

  3. Any way you shake it I’d say he’s a bit to big for his britches.

    I actually commented over at ccmbuzz. I was surprised at their response, happily.