With the initial stages of all three current projects out the door, it seemed like time to get my Technorati API implementation up to date. There have been quite a few changes to the API since I released the last version at the beginning of October and I felt it was time to begin catching up.

In the end, I opted for a complete rewrite, following the PEAR coding standards as I intend to propose it for inclusion in PEAR soon. Having benefitted so much lately from the tools included in PEAR I decided it was a good idea to give something back and this seems an obvious starting point.

Right now there’s a good bit of tightening up to do. The core functionality is all in place, but the system isn’t accepting the passwords sent through my attention XML functions and the caching options could be more finely grained. Hopefully there’ll be time later in the week to fix those up and begin proposing the package.

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