WiFi at Wealthy Street Bakery

I was very pleased a couple of months ago when I was told that Wealthy Street Bakery had finally switched on their wireless router. Wealthy Street serve the best sandwiches in Grand Rapids, along with a range of great sweet foods. But somehow we’ve never had occasion to stop here for any length of time since then so I hadn’t been able to test it. Till now.

The connection speed is very similar to Four Friends, rating at 344kpbs up/274kbps down when I tested it. Everything has been running smoothly, though I’ve not been making any substantial data transfers or doing any remote working. From my limited use of FTP I’d guess working via SSH would be an option.

Over lunchtime the environment was a little noisy for high-concentration working, but once the rush drops off it’s a great space with a lot of light. As with so many locations that have lately added wireless, there isn’t much in the way of access to power. A few outlets around the walls are about as far as it goes, but when things are quiet that’s not a problem.

With so many other spots a short walk from our house I’m unlikely to make this a regular spot for work, but when good sandwiches are needed, it’s well worth checking out.


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