WiFi at Global Infusions

I’d been meaning to get back to Global Infusions with my laptop since I first noticed that they offer wifi access. Alongside a shop selling the fairly traded Ten Thousand Villages range of craft products and a selection of teas and health herbs, there is a tea/coffee bar and four tables, and the most multi-ethnic range of music of any of Grand Rapids’ coffee shops.

The atmosphere is very relaxed. There’s a steady stream of people in and out this Saturday morning but few enough that the shoppers don’t distract those of us who are here to read or work. Two of the owners are running the place and there’s a good rapport between staff and customers. I hear that things have been going very well so far for the shop, which opened at the same time as various other outlets in the new East Hills development. They’re offering live music every other Friday night, as well as a range of poetry and other events.

For WiFi users the connection speed seems good, though I’m the only user currently on the network, with decent download rates, tolerable latency for remote working, and a very strong signal. What is currently lacking are power outlets within reach of any of the tables, so don’t come here intending to spend a long time or with a low battery. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a short stay or laptop use is only part of the reason for your visit Global Infusions is yet another worthy destination.


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