Christmas Eve at Hotel 71

Spending Christmas Eve in downtown Chicago seemed like a great plan in theory. After gathering with Kari’s family on the 23rd, we decided, we’d check into a hotel and then travel back to Grand Rapids on the 25th. For most of the day it worked well, we enjoy the chance to spend time in a larger city and were definitely glad to finally see Almodovar’s excellent “Bad Education” (it’s typically provocative, and well worth seeing, but not up to the standard of “Talk To Her“). The hotel was great and with Christmas presents being opened it was particularly handy to have a good stereo in the room.

What we hadn’t counted on was that nearly every restaurant within walking distance closed early that the evening. By 8pm there was only one restaurant to be found, and it was in rather a different class than we’d planned on. Dinner at the Renaissance was delicious though. Next time we’ll be better prepared.

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