Backstreet Boys Reunion

Well, not really (a reunion that is, thank goodness). Instead, a quick mention of the fact that The Guardian today picked up on the fact that former Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell has signed to “christian” label Reunion Records. The article is brief and not particularly insightful, but it does bring us the gorgeous note (in linking to some CCM lyrics) that:

they’re much funnier than anything we might say to satirise them.

It’s worth reading this article alongside Kate’s comments yesterday. Personally, I’m hoping that all purveyors of puerile pop will flock to the “christian” labels. If we can get them all into that ghetto then perhaps it’ll be easier for the real world to ignore them?

UPDATE: Apparently I missed one little detail: the Backstreet Boys have not split up. Another Guardian report suggests they will have a new album out in March. Shame.


  1. ‘So keep the sheep together
    No matter if one’s shaved
    Cause the wool means nothing
    For all Christ came to save’

    That is possibly the most awful verse of lyrics I have ever read. Even with a reference to Alan Shearer, they would have struggled to make it worse.

  2. Now try imagining how the production might go on something like that…….

    (or don’t, should you value your sanity)