Surprising critiques

The support of Pakistan has been essential to the “war on terror”. That’s clear from the debt relief they were offered and the subtle shift in language from ‘General’ to ‘President’ when referring to Pervez Musharraf. That’s why it comes as quite a surprise that that same General President Musharraf today denounced that war.

It appears that Musharraf joins with many around the world in believing that the ‘war’ is at best a short term salve, and that its leadership to date demonstrates a lack of long-term strategy. It’s difficult to say why he has suddenly changed his public statements (perhaps he’s fed up of the under-resourced, to date fruitless search for Osama Bin Laden, perhaps he realises the need to pacify the more radical elements at home) but if he continues with this line, the repercussions could be considerable.


  1. He’s a deeply ambivilent figure to me,though that’s hardly surprising given his fairly singular treatment of democracy. Baring another coup/violent overthrow, what’s the betting he’s still in power in 10 years time…