Green Power

While living in Reading, many of us switched our electricity supply contracts to plans that ensured every unit we used corresponded with one sourced into the national grid from renewable sources. In fact, we took it a step further, and succeeded in getting our University to make a similar commitment.

Moving to the US I had expected such a switch to be harder, but when a review of A Year Of Living Generously reminded me to investigate again I was delighted to find Consumers Energy’s Green Power Program. There’s a slight premium to be paid, but putting on that extra bit of pressure to encourage investment in renewable energy and associated research seems well worth it, so right now we’re waiting for the next stage after:

Thank you for your interest in the Green Power Pilot Program.

Your request is being forwarded to our Billing Center and will be processed in the order it is received. Once you’ve been approved and we’re able to secure an adequate supply of green power, we’ll send you a contract. Once we receive your signed contract we’ll activate your account.
Again, thank you for your interest in purchasing zero-emission, Michigan-based energy generated from renewable resources that will help protect our environment.

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