Al Qaeda Endorsements

In the same sense that they endorsed John Kerry, are Al Qaeda now endorsing the NRA?


  1. I must say that statement’s a little bizarre at times (aside from the aparent NRA-esc flavour). The two quotes wich really strike me are:

    “Either you deal with them on the basis of respect and mutual interest…”


    “But you must know that we are a nation of patience and perseverance…”

    Given the actions which they have atrributed to themselves & have been attributed to them, I would suggest the ideas of patience and mutual respect have yet to make an appearence!

  2. laurence,
    i think i understand what you are trying to get at, but look a little deeper here. muslim terrorists did not one day decide to mercilessly and senselessly terrorize nations for the hell of it. since colonial times [beginning with the brits and french dividing control of the middle east in the late 1890s], muslims have been systematically marginalized by the west. the most recent manifestation of this has been the duplicitous policies of the united states toward muslim countries [you know, propping up a known ruthless dictator and then deposing him, using muslim royal families to get cheap oil, etc.]. the west has never treated the muslim community with respect, but solely as politically expedient pawns. for the first half of the century, muslim nations endured this with patience and perseverence; obviously, they’ve reached the end of their rope. so, while i certainly don’t condone terrorist tactics as ever being a solution to any problem, don’t even insinuate that muslim terrorists are repaying respect given with terror; they never received the respect in the first place.

  3. Oh I’m quite aware of the terrible history involved here, you’re right that it isn’t pretty. But I’m not really convinced that it’s impossible to question the means and motives of one unfortunately unpleasent group because of the means and motives of western actions in world history. I would not tell you to lay off the CIA for interferring in Iran simply because the Russians were being bad and ‘made them do it’.

    Plus, while I’d hestitate to use the word ‘elite’, I’m also somewhat unconvinced that the small band which are the public face of ‘al Quaida’ here can really be said to be interchanable with any common opinion & experience of the Umma (world muslim society) -assuming such a notion is anything but academic in common opinion & experience anyway!.

  4. / ps. sorry if that sounded more confrontational than it was meant to be, I hope the points come through nonetheless. I notice you’ve got an intrest in the middle east, from your links on your own space, so don’t want to patronise!