The Lost Art of the Cigarette Lighter

Last Friday night, Starflyer59 and Pedro The Lion played at Calvin. It was a very good show. I definitely prefer Starflyer on record, where the melodies come through more clearly and the wall of sound carries better, but Pedro were on top form.

The most amusing part of the evening was when initially just one, but eventually just over a dozen Starflyer fans began raising cigarette lighters above their heads during a quieter moment. It’d been a while since I’d seen such a phenomenon since these days the mobile phone has usually stolen that spot, but somehow it seemed like those holding these lighters had forgotten what they were supposed to do.

The lighters went up. The lighters stayed up. Straight up into the air. No swaying involved. It began to feel like the children of irony struggling to deal with its aftermath. Feeling as if they ought to be raising cigarette lighters during slow songs, but not quite sure what to do next.

At least it’s safer this way.


  1. i don’t know starflyer59…sound like pedro?

    I saw PTL with Low in Chicago at the Metro and i must say it was one of the most boring shows ever…but that was because i was standing in a loud, smokey room for 3 hours…bet it was quite nice in the FAC….i miss the FAC.

  2. Starflyer tend to be more ‘shoegazery’ than Pedro, and I’m not sure the lyrics are quite up to the same standard. Pedro are definitely a band best appreciated after a good spell of CD listening. They do indeed work very well in the FAC (it’s there waiting for return visits…)

    Rumour is that Pedro will be on the road with Low again soon.