Snow (what else?)

I suspect that if I’d spent time tallying the responses to the news I was moving to Michigan, questions about the weather would top the list. The three days of snow I experienced here last winter was the greatest accumulation I had yet experienced, but it didn’t leave me in a position to adequately say how I expected to respond to the infamous Michigan winters.

I was rather bemused a few days ago to learn that the first snowfall in England had preceded that in Michigan. But then today came. Six months and a day since I officially moved to Michigan, the snow has begun to fall. Somehow I don’t think I’ll escape with a mere three days this time around.


  1. Oh that you would only experience three days…because then, so would I.

    By the way, I picked up the new u2 album this weekend. Curious what you think of it!

  2. Needless to say there’s been a lot of U2 listening going on of late. But I haven’t yet heard the album through non car/laptop speakers. Seems fairly good so far, but I’m reserving judgement till I can hear it a little better.