Common Ground has WiFi too!

Hot on the heels of Kava House’s Wifi, Common Ground on East Fulton (note the nice new URLs at has started to offer free connections. For me, that’s great news as it means there are now two cafes with connectivity within ten minutes’ walk. And the connection seems pretty good too. reports 1167kbps down and 269kbps up and in use it’s felt pretty speedy.

There is of course the great selection of music (Mermaid Avenue followed by Patty Griffin thus far) and coffee that is (for me) on a par with Kava. That should keep drawing me in for quite some time. Power outlets are numerous. Quite a few are in use for lamps and the lighting behind a few of the stained glass display pieces, but no-one seemed to mind when I started re-arranging plugs so as to get a socket.

I must remember to spend at least a little time at home.

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