Kava House Has WiFi

Eastown has been waiting some time for the installation of Kava House‘s wireless internet access. First advertising the impending installation back in July, the proprietors had some trouble getting everything set up. But as of this weekend, it’s all in place.

And word has clearly spread quickly, with two other users beating me into the place and reports of others who’ve been dropping by. The connection speed isn’t much to write home about. dslreports.com gives reports of around 463kbps down / 334kbps up, but those seem to vary widely. That aside, the connection seems to be usable for simple work if not heavy downloading.

The main reason I’ll be returning is certainly the atmosphere. Kava has more of a community-feel than most of the other wifi-providers in town and also has the draw (for this non-driver) of being within easy walking distance of our house. Definitely worth checking out, and a boon to existing users, but don’t expect to be able to make good use of your favourite P2P software.

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