Not over till it’s over?

By midnight I sensed it was time for sleep. Lying awake with the TV on mute watching the middle of the country turn red was a little too depressing and already it was clear that nothing was going to change before this morning. By 5am sleeplessness declared victory and the laptop brought us the news that, unsurprisingly, everything is still inconclusive.

I’m sure it’s not long before the GOP start lambasting Kerry for being “a poor loser” just as they did to Gore four years ago. I’m hanging onto a little hope that the Kerry campaign has the strength to stand up to that and maintain their entirely correct stance that all the votes must be counted. Perhaps they could start by criticising the white house for claiming statistical certainties when the number of provisional votes in Ohio are far from clear.

There’s plenty more to say. More analogies to stretch. More emotion to pour. But for now, I’ll leave with a quote from Ben Hammersley’s Blog that came back to mind this morning:

(On which point, incidentally, I’m vaguely (ie not really) hoping for a Bush victory: not for political reasons [as much as I’m allowed to given my British citizenship and living in Italy and all, I find the guy deeply objectionable on every count] but because a Bush victory will hopefully cause the US Liberals to either rent some cojones from someone or move en masse over here. The prospects for good conversation are thereby doubled either way. The greatest thing the European Union could do on the day after a Bush election win would be to declare free work visas for anyone who pledged to come over and stay for the course of the term. Someone should suggest it to Chirac.)

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