We got back to Grand Rapids on Thursday but stayed under cover until yesterday. The time away was great, despite both ending up a little ill (Kari more so than me, we’re both pretty much recovered now) as being ill forced us to stop, watch some DVDs, and not try to explore every town within two hours’ drive. We did make it to Mackinac Island, Charlevoix and Petoskey, and would highly recommend Lulu’s restaurant in Bellaire.

The past two days have seen a news blackout descend over our household. Election fatigue has come and gone, but for these two days the ‘current affairs’ folder in the newsreaders is being ignored, the radio dial is firmly set to WYCE and no newspapers are being purchased. There’s a good chance I’ll stay up all night watching the results come in, but I’m not planning to switch on the television till all the polls are closed. The stakes are just too high to subject ourselves to still more speculation. We can but hope and pray.

While we await some sense of which month the results will come in, John’s blog provides a little distraction and offers the first photos from our little celebration on the 22nd that I know to be online.


  1. We went to Lulu’s in Bellaire this past summer. The food was great, I had their French onion soup and a pasta dish (from a section of their menu that featured smaller portion selections) and it was all delicious and very filling. Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Much better, thanks.

    Kari appreciated the smaller portions options on the menu. Personally, I rarely have a problem with portion sizes 🙂