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When Andy arrived on Monday, he happened to mention that he carried with him a highly valued commodity. Douglas Coupland’s latest novel was released in the UK in August, but is not set to reach these shores until January ’05.

Needless to say, Andy was kind enough to leave the book here while he ventured over to Chicago for the night. And having nothing more to do this week than read for an afternoon, I pulled my laptop over to the sofa (in case anyone thought of anything else I should be working on) and read.

As with any Coupland, there’s plenty to say about the book. His characteristic traits are all firmly in place, but his work has yet to become staid in these eyes. I’m still processing, and am looking forward to getting a chance to read through again, more carefully, when I either get round to ordering it from amazon UK or when the US release finally arrives. In short, he’s done it again.


  1. 2634: Douglas Coupland “Eleanor Rigby”

    Eleanor Rigby Douglas Coupland 0007193831 Bazar förlag Häftad Slottsgatan 2005-1-6 #2634 Adlibris Bokus Amazon UK Coupland uppehåller sig mer och mer med sin mortalitet, eller vår rättare sagt. Som om det moderna samhälle…

  2. I just read this book and was curious, what I will find under the key words “rome disco liz 1976 high school canada”. I found this blog. funny…

  3. hmm. I see i’m not the only one googling.

  4. yay! – Just read The Passage(tm) on my way home and just *had* to google for it.. Mr Coupland has done it again, true.. Nice book .. Can hardly wait to get through and know the whole story..

    James, you’ve read it much earlier than I did! See what happens if you’re stuck in Germany and just accidently find out about Douglas latest novels… 😉

  5. another fool with too much time googling stuff that will never exsist

  6. Another fool… Deceived not to find Liz’s photos.