Sam Phillips

I don’t remember first discovering the music of Sam Phillips. I think she was one of those artists whose names I heard somewhere and whose records I subsequently scoured the Greenbelt fringe stalls for. Right now, we’re waking up to Martinis and Bikinis. Usually ‘waking up records’ wear on me quickly, but this one’s lasting longer than most.

She’s coming to Calvin on October 16th, and in anticipation of that I was delighted to find this article/interview with her. It’s a great mixture of personal reflection and substantial interview. It can’t hurt that it contains the news that T-Bone Burnett is working on a new record (and I’m taking that more seriously than the rumours of such that have been floating around for at least 8 years now).

There’s good, meaty stuff about faith and art. There’s reflection on raising their daughter Simone. There are hints of what’s to follow A Boot And A Shoe. Well worth reading.

UPDATE: I posted a few notes about the Calvin show here. In short: it was stunning.


  1. James–thanks for the tip–I bought A Boot and a Shoe with my hardearned pennies and it’s awesome. My first Sam Phillips. Anne

  2. Glad to be of service! I’m eagerly anticipating this Saturday when not only is she playing at Calvin, but it turns out she’ll be ‘in conversation’ beforehand. Now if only I could remember that burning question I had the other day!

    I think all in all I prefer the previous release to this latest one, but with Sam you can’t go far wrong.

  3. and there I’ll be, just a little ways down the road in Kalamazoo Saturday working. Enjoy the concert.