Police Officers

I had heard that Michigan Association of Police were running a fund raising campaign at present. I had held out a hope that they’d phone me, but I didn’t expect them to. Particularly not on a day when only one in ten calls was for someone who lived here.

Yet call me they did and I got the chance to ask my question. After agreeing with the contention that “in these troubling times” we should support the police force, that it was important that scholarshps be provided for those wanting to pursue careers in law enforcement, and that the families of officers killed in action should be supported, I was asked whether $25 or $50 would be my preferred donation.

Noting that I didn’t have any money I was able to give them at present, I asked whether the caller agreed that law enforcement was the responsibility of government. Silence followed. I took that as agreement. I then asked what they were doing to lobby local, state and federal government for more support for law enforcement professionals. He replied that this telephone campaign was statewide. I thanked him for his non-sequitur and asked again about lobbying. I heard some mumbling and then silence.

Yes, the paid fundraisers for the Michigan Association of Police hung up on me. This is, it seems, happening more and more.

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