A Strained Tune

The refrain about WMDs and WMD programmes and *insert qualifier here* WMD *insert further qualifier here* is not just all too familiar, it’s ridiculously familiar. It seems that the US government, and the Bush junta in particular are not content simply to watch their hens come home to roost in Iraq, they’re looking for opportunities to be surrounded by still more poultry.

I’m writing, of course, about yet another increase in rhetoric about Iran. Thankfully it looks as though the European powers have defused the situation for the time being (and I don’t think the US is likely to invade any time soon, troops are in too short supply) but this time the key thing that leapt out of this BBC coverage was the US government’s proposed deadline to Iran.

They wanted, you see, to insist that a UN resolution calling on Iran calling for Iran to end its uranium enrichment programme include a deadline. October 31st. Of course that couldn’t have anything to do with that date being two days before an election that seems to be being fought on the ability to be foolhardy…

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