Delayed Updates

Despite pleas from one over-eager reader, this blog has been rather neglected of late. It could be the process of moving into the house (it went very well, very few boxes remain, furniture is in place, DSL has been connected for a while now). It could be beginning to prepare to see if I can’t get some freelance web work to fill my time and bank account. Or it could be that I just never quite seem to get round to it.

Today’s excuse would have been that I’m reading up before taking the written test to get a Temporary Instruction Permit for driving. But then on page 101 of “What Every Driver Must Know” I ran across:

The Car/Deer Collision

At night, be alert for shining eyes at the roadside. Slow down. Be ready to stop–deer are very unpredictable. Try not to swerve if a deer enters the roadway. If one deer is visible, others may be nearby. If you hit a deer, report it to the local or state police, sheriff’s department, or the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. They also can provide a permit to keep it.

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