Confusion in the mailbox

While on the subject of Slacktivist, he has also had some amusing critiques of Bush’s recent claims regarding Social Security. It would appear that the President is not aware of how his own Social Security system works, believing it to be a savings programme rather than a tax that provides for the current generation of retirees.

Perhaps Bush was confused as I was when Kari‘s most recent Social Security statement arrived, showing how much she had contributed over the years. I had always understood Social Security to work the way it does in fact work, but receiving such a document forced me to go back and check. Perhaps the President was confused by the misleading propaganda that arrived in his mailbox?


  1. I must say, I was rather confused by this as well. I think that I make something like 800 bucks a month if I become disabled. But this very fact belies the truth. Unless I’m only to get 4 or so paychecks for my 800 dollars, I will recieve FAR more than I’ve ever contributed.

    This may just be what the Bush machine is trying to prove that capitalism is next to Godliness. If our economy doesn’t grow–social security gets flushed down the proverbial toilet.