Sep 15

“What do I need to research to fix it?”

One of our junior devs, Tatiana, wrote about her experience speaking at a recent Cambridge University summer school. “Learning to code is not about remembering facts, but about building things. And it’s perfectly acceptable to look up all the knowledge you need online. In fact, part of becoming a developer is becoming efficient at finding […]

Sep 15

“Don’t bet on ephemeral cloud abstractions”

Really good piece based on lessons from building out eBay’s cloud infrastructure. “Ephemeral abstractions are things that fail. These may not recover from failures. The best example is a compute (e.g. a VM) with a local disk, an IP address and a hostname.” and “You still need the ability to create parts (e.g. a VM […]

Apr 14

Calendar Annotator

Most of my days are filled with short, small meetings and catch-ups. On a good day I make time to prepare for all the meetings that fill my calendar, making a few notes on each one. When I do that they’re more productive and I’m more effective. But until now I’ve not had a good […]

Jan 14

How GDS uses git and github

This post originally appeard on the Technology at GDS blog. Other teams around government frequently ask us about our use of GitHub, and rather than bury those answers in email it seemed time to follow Mike Bracken’s directive and publish (not send) our answers. I’ve made some assumptions here about readers’ familiarity with a few […]

Jan 14

Week 30

So it’s been nearly a month. I had intended to write a review of 2013 over the Christmas break but between travel and family I decided it better to just let that slide and ease into the new year. We were in Chicago for Christmas and Nashville for New Year, arriving home about a week […]