Jan 14

How GDS uses git and github

This post originally appeard on the Technology at GDS blog. Other teams around government frequently ask us about our use of GitHub, and rather than bury those answers in email it seemed time to follow Mike Bracken’s directive and publish (not send) our answers. I’ve made some assumptions here about readers’ familiarity with a few […]

Jan 14

Week 30

So it’s been nearly a month. I had intended to write a review of 2013 over the Christmas break but between travel and family I decided it better to just let that slide and ease into the new year. We were in Chicago for Christmas and Nashville for New Year, arriving home about a week […]

Dec 13

Week 26

This week held two highlights for me. The first was attending our daughter’s first school Christmas play. Having been petrified of standing up in front of people to the point where she refused to take part in her nursery’s graduation ceremony, all of a sudden there she was taking a starring role in two back-to-back […]

Dec 13

Week 25 (I think)

A chance conversation this week reminded me of how many projects I’ve had a small involvement in and then completely forgotten about. Which in turn reminded me of how negligent I’ve been with week notes (again) so here’s another try. The big work theme of this week has been recruitment. We’ve been: wrapping up a […]

Oct 13

A few days stateside

I’m heading to the US again in a week. I’ll be in New York from Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th, where James Abley and I will be speaking at Strata about “Information Revolution in Government“. I’m then heading to Boston/Cambridge for the day on the 31st to speak at MIT Civic Media. That’s a public […]