about, background, or something like that

little more than a placeholder is the blog of James Stewart. It was established after some initial hesitancy in August 2002 and has operated since as a scratchpad, soapbox and other forum for me to hold forth on life, politics, art, technology and similar topics.

In November 2004, to save readers who come for personal updates, or socio-political commentary from all the tech talk, I split off the geekier content of the site into a separate blog based on my work website. You can find a work on process over on jystewart.net.

I live in South Tottenham with my wife Kari and work in Hoxton. Kari’s originally from the US and for three years after getting married we lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We left Grand Rapids in June 2007 and after some travelling settled in the UK in August.

I’ve been very involved with Greenbelt, help organise the Festival of Faith and Music at Calvin College and used to work for Jubilee 2000 and later in a Student Union. These days I can be found collaborating with some friends on the Ambridge Acoustic Revue.

also available at

You can also find me: at last.fm, networking on linkedin, with photos on flickr, bookmarking on del.icio.us, frequently using twitter, and writing reviews at amazon

noteworthy posts

At some point I may fill this space in with details of posts that have been somehow significant in the life of this blog, but I’ve not yet had a chance. Feel free to nominate any favourites.


You can reach me by email at james@anthropiccollective.org or if you have questions related to my work you can find out more at jystewart.net. I am on skype, and various IM networks, but I’d rather you emailed me to get those details.