Calendar Annotator

Most of my days are filled with short, small meetings and catch-ups.

On a good day I make time to prepare for all the meetings that fill my calendar, making a few notes on each one. When I do that they’re more productive and I’m more effective. But until now I’ve not had a good way to bring that together with the calendar that directs me through the day.

So I threw together a quick app to help me build up an annotated schedule for my days. My go to language of late has been Go, but I’m still a bit more productive with ruby and rails so it was an easy choice. This was my first chance to try the 4.0 (4.1, in fact) series of rails. There’s not enough to the app to really get a feel for it, but the new secrets.yml file was useful for keeping all my environment variables organised.

It’s all on heroku and in theory would work for anyone who cares to sign in, but right now I’ve no intention to offer support for it so other users do so at their own risk.

I’ve wondered about ways to encrypt the user data, implementing some export options, and adding the sort of monitoring I’d expect in a production system. But right now the priority has been to get something out there that I can try for a few weeks.

It’s been too long since I’ve done that. It feels good. The code’s on github.

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