Week 182

So I’ve clearly fallen off the weeknote wagon. A big, new, exciting project came up a few weeks back and almost everything has slipped as we’ve dug into it. We’re working with a much bigger team than usual, in a different location to usual. It’s quite a change.

There has been time to slip out one new site: a simple presence for Sheridan Tongue’s soundtracks to the BBC series Wonders of the Universe. Sheridan’s contributed the score for both Brian Cox’s “Wonders” series (the latter of which is on TV as I write this) and it’s been great to work with him on getting the site together.

There’s another reason I’ve not been writing here, which is that my writing time and energies are currently distracted by a growing 750words habit. For years I’ve meant to set some time aside each day to write, and at present that site and it’s daily email reminders are working pretty well to make that happen. Hopefully in time it’ll spill over into more frequent blogging, but for now it’s providing a very helpful space to step back and reflect each day.


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