Week 149

A fortnight of intense activity seems to have been the unfortunate result of taking a week off to go on holiday. One project had slipped because the client disappeared on holiday, and there was the usual cascade effect. So it is that I’m trying to cobble together some week notes last thing on a Sunday evening.

It’s feeling like the last few months have been a little too non-stop. There’s a lot to reflect on, some new practices to bring in, and a whole lot of side projects and admin awaiting attention. Some of us were speculating that it’s a sign of the complex economic times that many people around seem to be in a similar spot. Thinking that does help me think it’s not just us, but it’s hardly a cheery thought.

August’s always a busy month, culminating in Greenbelt. This week we hope to get the 2010 iPhone app submitted to Apple, and I need to focus on finding sponsorship and a couple more volunteers to make this year’s newspaper happen. Do drop me a line if you can help on either count.

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