Week 145

This is the first week in several (probably since I last wrote some weeknotes) that it seems conceivable I might get to the end of the week’s list of tasks. It’s also the first week in several where I’ve been able to spend some time working at the weekend. These two things are related, and are a clear reminder that there are too many projects in play at the moment.

Thankfully, this week has seen a couple of those projects signed off. One temporarily (the client are testing our changes, another round of work begins very soon), but one permanently. The latter will be my first WordPress 3 deployment and involved digging into some fairly arcane parts of how WP manages URLs. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to do everything I needed within plugins, rather than having to resort to hacking away at the core.

The coming week will see continued effort to get things signed off as I’m actually going on a proper holiday the following week. There are some Greenbelt things to wrap up (hopefully including funding for another newspaper this year), a project that needs to be ready for my client to demo to their client while I’m away, and some contracts to pin down so I know what I’m working on when I get back. And a bit more work on an internal project that I’m rather enjoying but am not quite ready to discuss…

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