Week 126

Once again I set out to write some weeknotes a few days ago, but the distractions of email got in the way and then it was time to dodge the umbrellas of a rainy Soho on my way to a Street Action board meeting. Which is a little odd as the past week was a good example of the way I hope more of my weeks will go: time at the start and end of the day handling email and other admin, and the bulk of each day spent focussing on a single longer task. It’s good to be able to finish each day with a clear sense of what was achieved.

I also got to enjoy a day away from the office yet free from evenings, attending The Story. It was an entertaining day, with very little that was directly applicable to my work but a number of provocative thoughts. Exactly what I was looking for after a hectic few weeks.

Aside from that it was a mostly unremarkable week—maybe that’s why I was able to hit a good rhythm—continuing to move various projects ahead, prepare some upcoming ones, catch up with the news from some friends’ projects, and finally getting a chance to implement oAuth in a project. The coming week will hopefully continue in a similar manner, at least until Friday when a meeting in Exeter beckons.

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