Weekend Links – 24th January 2010

So perhaps calling these Friday Links was overly ambitious. From now on they’ll be weekend links, which allows me at least a little more flexibility.

This week youtube bought the rights to broadcast Indian cricket. This could be a very big deal.

The jQuery team really have done a marvellous job producing content and getting attention the past few weeks. Here John Resig talks about getting organised, with the new jQuery organisation and a few plans including a conference in London. Also on javascript I stumbled across this round up of progress on bringing ECMAscript 5 features to webkit. Quite a few changes that could be very handy – I’ve always wondered why there was no Object.keys available. And for debugging JS it was very good to see that Firebug 1.5 (with Firefox 3.6 support) appeared shortly before the launch of Firefox 3.6.

There’s continued to be a stream of Rails 3 focussed blog entries. José Valim has a good round up of links regarding generators in Rails 3 – it looks like they and templates (now merged) could be much more useful than they have been in the past. There’s also a nice detailed walk through the changes to the stack in Rails 3 on omgbloglol.com. Over on rails-core there’s been some discussion of how things stand with gem plugins in Rails 3, and Yehuda Katz has continued his excellent exploration of Rails 3 with a walk-through the new Railties approach.

I’m not using solr for search any more, but if I were I’d want to switch to sunspot (I wish I’d found it before diving into acts_as_solr…)

For some entertainment, I enjoyed tinker.it’s “making of” video to go with their space hopper project for Sony Ericsson – control space hoppers via twitter (via mattb) and the Living Craigslist project could be entertaining.

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