What's Up With Plazes?

UPDATE (June 13th ’07): My plazes are back. Apparently it took a while for the data to migrate. Would have been nice if they’d warned/informed us…

For some months now I’ve been running the plazer utility on my laptop, which provides a quick way to submit details of whichever network I find myself on to the plazes website.

So far there’s been little benefit from it beyond seeing a nice log of places I’ve visited. Since I take my laptop everywhere I go, there’s a potential to build up a nice map of my travels, and since I’m about to set off round the world I was looking forward to seeing that map grow. There also seems to be a lot of other potential for locality-aware apps built around their API, but I’ve not had time to play with that.

Having contributed quite a bit of data, I was frustrated yesterday to log in to the website and see it all gone. The site has moved out of beta, switched to a new design, and all 60 or so locations that were listed in my profile seem to have disappeared. There was no email announcing the change, and the information on their website is limited. I’ve tried emailing them, but had no response as yet.

Till they offer an explanation of where my data went, they’ll not be getting any more from me.

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  1. I’m having the same problem too!